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All you need to know about your Ski Centre experience.


Find out everything you need to know

Our FAQs guide is designed to give you all the information you need prior to booking, but If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please call us at (01) 293 0588 or send us a message and we'll be happy to advise you further.


Arriving at the Ski Centre


Before you book your session


About Your skiing session


About Our On Site Facilities

Arriving at Ski Centre Sandyford


The Ski Centre is located at 26 Rowan Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Estate, Co. Dublin. If driving, take Exit 13 the Sandyford/Dundrum Junction off the M50 Northbound or Southbound. The Ski Centre is off Blackthorn Drive opposite the Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford.

The closest Luas Stop on the Green Line is Stillorgan which is a 5 minute walk to the Ski Centre. For full directions on getting to the centre by car, by bus or by luas, check out our contact page here.

There is no need for lockers as there is an area in view to store your shoes, jacket etc and you bring your personal belongings; handbag, keys, phone etc. to the slopeside on full view while you ski or snowboard.

There are private changing and shower facilities available for clients.

If you're running late, please call our team at (01) 293 0588 so that we can inform your instructor that you're delayed. Unfortunately in such circumstances, we cannot guarantee a full session if you are late.

We ask that you arrive approx. 20 minutes before your session so that you can get registered and get your equipment fitted for the lesson.

When you arrive our team at Reception will greet and register you for your lesson. If it is your first visit with us you will be asked to complete a Waiver form for insurance and then you will be brought to the ski area to get fitted for your boots etc.

Before you book your session


Payment is at time of booking. You can purchase lessons online through our website, or you can call us at (01) 2930588 to make your booking over the phone with debit or credit card and then we can proceed to find a time that suits for a lesson.

Ski // Snowboard // Groups // Kids

Each lesson lasts 60 minutes and includes 30 minutes slope time skiing or snowboarding. The format is 10 minutes on the slope and 10 minutes off the slope for observation and rest. This is repeated three times. Alternatively it can be 15 minutes on the slope and 15 minutes off repeated twice depending on the fitness of the client. At selected times we provide 30 minute continuous skiing stamina classes for advanced skiers.

The Ski Centre caters for all levels from complete beginners to advanced. Our qualified instructors provide a huge range of advanced technical on and off piste drills to suit all levels up to racing standard. We run ski race training programmes (several national teams including the Swiss A Team use these slopes for training). As with any new surface, the initial experience takes time to get used to however, once you get used to it you'll benefit enormously.

With a maximum of three people on the slope and a huge mirror to see yourself skiing, learners receive instant and continual feedback from the instructor. The rolling slope helps improve muscle memory, stamina and fitness.

Yes - we cater to those with Special Needs who require adaptive skiing or harness assistance - please contact us at 01 293 0588 for more information.


About your skiing session


As it is an indoor facility it is the client’s choice. Most people wear comfortable sporty gear; tracksuit, leggings, a long sleeved top and long socks for comfort. We water the slopes so if you decide not to wear sallopettes you may need a change of gear. You use lots of energy while skiing and can get quite warm so layers are best.

All skis/boards, boots & poles etc are supplied. If you have your own boots feel free to bring them along.

Our slopes revolve at different speeds and offer a selection of gradients; green, blue, red and black. We match the lesson with the learner, starting on a very gentle gradient at a very slow speed so the learner gains confidence and gets comfortable on the carpeted surface. Drills are designed and based on ability so we match accordingly.

All customers will start with an introductory lesson - back to basics. We assess all clients stance, posture and balance in a snowplough position before we increase speed or gradient. Safety first, then enjoyment, then learning and improving. Every lesson is given by a qualified instructor suited to your needs to ensure you get the most from your experience.

The slopes were designed to accommodate a maximum 3 skiers or 4 beginner snowboarders at a time to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience but private lessons are available if you wish to ski on your own.


About our on site facilities


The Ski Centre uses unique revolving slope technology that simulate real ski runs and allow skiers to get in realistic length ski runs. The instructor holds a remote control to stop the slope in an instant, if required. A mirrored wall also provides instant feedback as you can see yourself ski helping you to develop better posture, balance, edge precision and rotation control, in turn developing your fitness and confidence in your skiing.

There is an area at the bottom of the slopes behind a mirrored wall where you can view skiers without distracting them while they ski.

There is a vending machine on site which supplies snacks and drinks and you can purchase tea and coffee at the reception/seating/tv area.

There is free car parking directly outside the Ski Centre.

There is no need for lockers as there is an area in view to store your shoes, jacket etc and you bring your personal belongings; handbag, keys, phone etc. to the slopeside on full view while you ski or snowboard.

There are private changing and shower facilities available for clients.

Call Us: 01 293 0588